So basically a really long time ago I used to be a sprite/pixel art comic artist on the BIONICLE fansite BZPower.

I haven’t done it for a while, but I miss doing it and have been wanting to get a human sprite comic series going. However, the BZPower Sprite Community had a kind of different way of handling pixel art spritesheets than the ones that are available online, and human spritesheets in the format I want are kind of non-existent.

I’ve tried spriting my own bases but its just not working out so I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to help?

This isn’t a pro-bono Shop-request like the ones that used to be made in Artwork II all the time; I am willing to pay for this to be done, starting from $10 and upwards.

It won’t be exactly like a commission you might be used to because of how the spritesheets will be made and all of that. They’ll be developed for reusability and whatnot, and thus we’ll need to fully discuss it if you want to go with it.

I’m willing to be flexible with the amount paid judging by the quality of work and the amount of it that will have to be done.

This is (mostly?) directed at the old BZP/AIII/AII/AI spriting community (hence why its tagged) since they would know what I was talking about, but if you could please spread it around to anyone who does pixel art in general that would be great. I know a lot of you guys (that is, the BZP spriting community) used to do sprites for free, so I hope the prospect of actual money will be incentive enough to at least look into it.

Leave a message in my ask, or contact me on Skype (username Kahinuva, put “Interested in sprite commission” or something in the contact request so I know who you are).

Thanks for reading.